Saturday, July 09, 2011

Go Make Small Art!

“Small Art can impact another person on a meaningful level just as powerfully as Big Art. And Small Art is a lot less hassle to make. And you can make more of it. More often. Without bankrupting yourself or putting your life on hold for months on end. With Small Art, there’s no need to wait for someone else to deem it worthy beforehand, no need to wait nervously for the rich patron, the movie studio exec, or the illustrious museum director to give it the green light. There’s no need for the politics or the schmoozing or the bureaucracy. With Small Art, you just go ahead and make it, and then it exists, and the rest is in the hands of the gods. Your work is already done, and you can get to bed at a decent hour.”

- Hugh MacLeod of Read complete post here: “In Praise of ‘Small Art’


Connie Rose said...

Good one!

Margaret Cooter said...

yes, in this case more is indeed more!