Saturday, July 02, 2011

Porch Time

After several false starts, it appears our summer may have arrived. That means many pleasant afternoons spent reading or doing handwork out on the porch...starting today. Don't know why a knitting project suddenly seems attractive right when things heat up, but it does. I'm making another moebius scarf, this time a simple pattern using a cotton/rayon/silk variegated yarn with a very long run between color changes. Reminds me of rocks, those colors do. I treated myself to some Addi circular needles - well, "treat" isn't exactly accurate. Once you start looking for circular needles in the 60" length, your options get pretty limited pretty fast. I've read about them but never tried them before, and now I see what all the hubbub is about. They are wonderful and help you zip right along with your knitting.

Out of the corner of my eye, I kept catching big movement, like something landing in the rather overgrown foliage next to the porch. I finally spotted what it was - this little frog! Somewhere between 2 & 3 inches, it was balancing on the broad leaves of the day lilies, occasionally snagging a tiny flying bug. This is a south facing bed, so I was pretty surprised to see him there. I guess it's still pretty damp underneath all that greenery.

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Amanda said...

I once carved a lightweight breeze block into a Möbius curve. It's a peculiar phenomena when you get right into it.

Enjoy your porch time.