Monday, July 25, 2011

New Blog

As I continue to play with the newspaper blackout obituary exercise, I've felt a need to "keep" them somewhere, so I've started a blog specifically to showcase them. Even though they are a small part of my creative journey, it was feeling odd to post them to this blog. So if you are interested in following along, go to, sign up as a follower or add it to your reader. At the moment, the posting is frequent as I catch up, but once I do, posting should only be once a week - I'm limiting this obsession to the Sunday obituaries.


June said...

Oh goodness, another blog I have to try to get to. I understand why, though -- this work is exciting and unique for you -- good to have a place to showcase it. But keep reminding us to look at the other place, OK?

The Idaho Beauty said...

Says June of the multiple blogs - lol. I take it you don't use a reader to track the blogs you follow. Ok, I'll try to remember to nudge now and then.

June said...

For whatever weird reason, I can't remember to check the reader -- or I fill it up with stuff I don't want to read or -- well, my excuses are lame, but it's the truth. It's easier for me to have a folder with links to blogs than to have the reader tucked away on a menu bar.

So just keep reminding me when you think of it;-)