Sunday, November 13, 2011

Minor Setback

I'm surprised I did not view what happened as the gods conspiring against me. Above you see the type of screw that holds the needle of my sewing machine in place. Next to it you see what came off in my hand when I went to loosen that screw to change needles in preparation for a major round of machine quilting. The stem broke far enough down the shaft that there is no way to back it out. Not even my trusty repairman could help, save to order a replacement part which is small and easy to switch out. This would not be quite such the game stopper were it not for the fact that the needle stuck in the machine is the smallest size, suitable only for monofilament or 100 wt silk thread, neither of which I'd be using on the two pieces ready to quilt. Oddly, this turn of events did not even elicit a disgusted sigh from me.

Instead, not being able to proceed with machine quilting has merely freed me up to start the hand quilting on "Masks". It's been basted ready to go for weeks, but I've put it low on priorities because it IS hand work and the machine work always takes undue importance when considering what's next on my list. I've also been putting it off because of the confusion I experienced when pulling out the thread I thought I knew I'd be using. Suddenly it didn't look right, maybe I wasn't remembering properly and before I knew it, I had 5 options laid in front of me. I always dread making that final decision, which is in fact the first step. Today, I just said, open up the quilt and don't think about it. Just grab that lighter thread that you instinctively know is right. And also don't think too much about how you will be quilting, where best to start. Just put the needle in and go! So far so good.

And quite amazing the sensation that quickly comes over me once I start plying that needle in and out of the fabric.That's why I was so interested in this off of Austin Kleon's Tumblr:

When you do meaningful work with your hands, a kind of neurochemical feedback floods your brain with dopamine and serotonin. These happy brain chemicals are natural antidepressants, and we've evolved to release them both to reward ourselves for working with our hands and to motivate ourselves to do it some more.

How could I forget??? Now go get happy!

By the way, thank you to those who gave input about my orientation dilemma regarding the poppies and peonies piece. Just like with the thread choice for "Masks", I instinctively knew which was best but allowed myself to doubt that instinct. I guess I'm more comfortable with safety in numbers.

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