Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Plan for November

I've been busy raking and bagging leaves from my two huge maple trees, so no progress to show since the last post. But I did take a quick look at my timeline page and think about what I should do in November. I suspected I might be moving items from October's list to November's, and sure enough, even with my rather general goals, there are some loose ends that didn't quite get wrapped up and one glaring item not done at all. I planned to sketch out formats and/or full size designs for three new ideas. Instead of working on any of those three, I took off in a different direction by sketching and creating full-size patterns using that metal plate. I'm glad I allowed myself the flexibility to work on an idea that held more immediate interest, and there's always this month for those other three. I have a better idea of what I should try to accomplish this month than I did last month, so maybe there will be less of the inability to settle, more ability to focus on seeing things through to completion. So in no particular order, here's what you can expect to see me working on over the next 30 days:
  1. Falling Leaves: purchase pen and finish inking in background, sew on sleeve, label and photograph
  2. Poppies & Peonies: finish quilt and photograph (for December Cabin Fever exhibit)
  3. Masks: start hand quilting
  4. 3x3 discharge cloth: layer & quilt, resolve technical issues re: suspending plate in cutout and edge finish/framing
  5. Sketch out new ideas: working format for abstract willow; full-size pattern for fall furrows; design for seed heads
  6. Southwest Fantasy: journal quilt-size quick rendition of simple drawing from October
That last one has a question mark after it in my mind. It might be something that would work for the Cabin Fever exhibit and is my response to a friend's description of a southwest palette. I have specific colors in mind but not sure I have those in fabric. It's low on the priority list so we'll see if I find time to check my stash and give it a go. Looking at the list, it impresses me as a lot to get done, but some of it will probably go faster than I think. I sure hope so.

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Sherrie Spangler said...

I should follow your example of making a plan. I'm just jumping around from project to project and still not getting to what I really need to do. Your fall leaves are gorgeous!