Sunday, February 05, 2012

February Goals - More of the Same

It didn't take me long to set out my goals for February (which left me plenty of time to play with paper hearts this afternoon). Much of what was on tap for January still needs tending to, but that is not to say I didn't reach my goals, they merely took a different track than expected. I was only to make a start on the found pin piece and the Palouse Hills piece. Instead, they got finished rather than the two on the list that I thought I would finish. An equitable trade in my estimation. As for those things remaining, I actually feel I made some progress on them, though most of that was pondering solutions that I have yet to act upon. Ideas are coming together on the abstract willow design and clarity dawned on how to proceed with the 3 x 3 discharge piece. Again, I think at least partial goals met and I feel ready to dive into those projects with confidence.
  1. Finish 3 x 3 discharge: additional quilting, cut-out and suspension of metal plate, embellish with wire.
  2. Threadpaint purple seedhead grasses, mount and frame.
  3. Print samples of grass shadows manipulations and develop design, possibly piece background.
  4. Continue development of abstract willow design: sketch formats and possibly make sample block(s)
  5. Baste for quilting 2 African batiks (may be companion pieces for "Masks")
  6. Continue hand quilting on "Masks"
A side note: in reviewing my brainstormed list of potential quilt designs for the upcoming exhibits, to see what I could check off, I noticed the Palouse quilt referred to as something different from what I ended up calling it in the last post. I definitely was drawing a blank on what I thought I'd call it, but didn't realize I had the name written down anywhere. I'd planned to call it "Fall Furrows" and make a companion piece called "Spring Greens." What do you think? It's not too late to change the name as I've not labeled the quilt yet.

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