Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Never Too Late

I was away over the weekend - traveling by train to visit my good friend Judi for the occasion of her mother's Celebration of Life service. I stayed at my usual motel in one of its "partial view" rooms overlooking the Columbia River - this is the "partial" view from my room which I think is quite something. And yes, there's a bit of snow on the top of the Gorge.

Kind of hard to see but also within my view were several gnarly and twisted trees like this one - always inspiration for me.

As for the never too late bit, Judi presented me with these lovely batiks she'd gotten me for my birthday...and Christmas...and because of how much more of one of them there was, I said next birthday too! My birthday was back in August and she had planned to bring it up to me when she joined Sherrie and me in Gig Harbor - except she was too sick to come. It didn't make it at Christmas either as her mother got ill at that time. So what if I had to wait til February and go pick it up myself! And cut it, as she got enough to split between the two of us.

See the card with the beautiful aspens/birches? It too is a never too late, patience is a virtue thing even more so than the fabric. It is a card she spotted while on a trip, buying it to send because of my fixation on birches, half written on telling me about missed flights and killing time in airports but never finished and mailed. When was this trip? July 2006. I love you Judi, and I'm so glad you never threw it out, that it surfaced again and you weren't too embarrassed to present it along with the belated gifts. You're such a great friend!

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June said...

I recognize that view! and the story of Judi's finally delivered card is quite wonderful. She was absolutely right to get it to you after it surfaced. My love to her.