Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fascination with reflections

Since the rather dreary and shorter days of winter have set in, I thought I'd treat you to some pics I took shortly after returning from Rochester, back in September when the weather was still warm and sunny, and the lake levels were still up. I'd seen a post by Sherrie Loves Color and decided to take a page from her playbook down at my own marina. Yes, Sherrie, I have blatantly stolen your excellent idea!

Sherrie noted that while one could get nice pics of boats including their reflections, she rather likes zooming in to capture abstract effects.

Of course, if the water were calm, you would get a mirror image. The interest and excitement comes with how turbulent the surface of the water is. The more ripples, the more great imagery, the more I was put in mind of lightning bolts.

There was more than ship masts to photograph. This walkway caught my eye as giving an interesting reflection.

One could snap a dozen pictures of the same reflection and each would be slightly different as the moving water changes the reflection. Enjoy my indulgence, a few of the dozens of photos I took that afternoon. Any photo may be viewed larger by clicking on it.

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Mary Stori said...

I always love seeing how you look at life.....makes me take the time to do a double take!!! Thanks for sharing.....