Monday, November 26, 2012

More Assembly Required

I decided to treat myself to a new chair for the new studio. I'd been getting by with a straight-back chair from my dining room set when I worked at my new machine. The space was so tight that I didn't have room to push the chair back anyway when getting up from the machine. The comfy office chair I've used for years remained in use with the older machine which is set in a table allowing more movement. Trust me, I spend more time at the new machine, and even with a cushion, that dining room chair got very uncomfortable.

I guess I was still planning on using that chair, but as my office space got smaller, requiring a space saving computer table, the studio space got a little bigger, allowing for a rolling office chair. Still, I may not have thought to follow up on that so soon had I not sat in this chair at Staples while waiting for them to bring the new computer desk out from the storeroom. Oh my - so comfy, and those arms are adjustable. I've always disliked arms on office chairs but I could see how this might make my machine quilting easier on my shoulders and back. Add that it was on sale and, as the assembly instructions declared, "Behold!" - I now have an inviting place to park myself in front of the machine or the computer.  I could have had the Staples guy put it together for a few dollars more, but I'm pinching pennies these days. Besides, I actually enjoy getting out tools, studying instructions and tackling assembly.

As to how soon I'll actually use this chair in the studio, it may be pretty soon. I've finished arranging all 360 half-square triangle units on the design wall and can start sewing then into rows...once I unpack a machine. Yesterday I emptied another box, one with my lamps and irons, power strips and daylight bulbs for the overhead fixture (and lots of other things I'm not sure just where to put yet). I'd say I'm just about ready to begin, even if I don't have a work table set up yet.

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Cathie said...

I have this chair from Staples and I lOVE LOVE LOVE IT! IT sits behind my "work desk" in my studio and I roll it around all over the place. Have had it for almost 2 years and it is still as comfy. I also have one by my sewing machine. DELICIOUS!!