Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Travel Part of R & R

I seem to have rediscovered my love of traveling by car. My journey to visit friends for some R & R took me over roads I haven't been on for probably 20 years. I was hustling to beat the onslaught of winter as my route included one major pass. I'd forgotten this spectacular mountain range along the way - first snows firmly in place.

Another leg of the trip took me into high dessert. I've always been in awe of this bridge with its lovely arches. To understand just how large it is, look closely at the size of the cars crossing it.

This view took my breath away, the valley spread out before me, windmills in the distance, so ethereal.

This one equally awe-inspiring, the mighty Columbia River at Vantage.

And above this viewpoint, Wild Horses Monument, caught with plane flying over it, as if the horses were chasing it.

Windmills everywhere these days, looming large.

And then I was traversing the great expanse between mountain ranges, prairie and desert that make up eastern Washington. It occurred to me that I don't dread this particular bit of flatness like I did crossing South Dakota. Similar landscapes but for some reason, I find this stretch full of interest. I'd stopped to see if I could capture the streaky blues of the sky and found myself zeroing in on a lone farm off in the distance.

I also wanted to capture some of the spectacular cloud formations - one of the things I do love about these wide-open spaces.

Rays filtering through clouds have special meaning for me. I captured several different displays of that.

Off to the east, a row of white fluffy clouds crowded the horizon - that was where I was headed.

I chased these all the way to Spokane, just far enough behind to avoid getting caught in their drenching...

..just near enough to catch their rainbow.

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