Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Pretty Rubber Stamp...

I'm still quilting away on the 1/2 square triangle quilt; all the vertical and horizontal seams have been "ditch stitched" and I've started on the diagonal lines now. Nothing interesting to show there, so instead you get the next installment of working in the stamped button booklet. This page has this marvelously intricate stamped design that I decided to color in with my Prismacolor pencils.

I'm using a set of Verithins since the spaces in this stamp are so small, and many in the set had not been sharpened yet. So I took the time to sharpen them all so I would not be interrupted once I got going. Meticulously sharpening all those pencils reminded me of elementary school, believe it or not, and the first of the year ritual of going up to the pencil sharpener at the front of the classroom with a fistful of new No. 2's. I remembered class clowns who used this pencil-sharpening routine to get attention and/or irritate the teacher. I remembered how much I wished we had at home a real pencil sharpener like the big crank one attached to the classroom wall or teacher's desk. My mother was a teacher, for goodness sake; why did we not own one of these wonderful things? Funny the memories a simple act like this can raise.

Am pondering what if anything to Zentangle around my beautiful little stamp.

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