Sunday, August 18, 2013

Color in Sketchbooks

I've noted that quite a few art quilters/fiber artists/multi-media artists are turning to sketchbooks to sharpen their skills and powers of observation. I myself, occasionally sketch. so know the appeal. But pencil or ink sketches are not enough - we want to add color to our sketchbooks and travel journals, not unlike famous artists have, and watercolor is often the means of choice. Just a wash of color across the page, or a picking out of the main characters by brushing in some color between the lines. I haven't touched watercolor paints since I was a kid, and frankly, the thought of it freezes me up. 

But colored pencils...I admit to having a bit of a love affair with them. As in all affairs, this one has not always gone smoothly. It's not the pencil's fault, but my own for diving in as if I knew what I was doing, and then being disappointed with the results. But I've persevered, learning why the pencils did not behave as I wanted and easing into a comfortable relationship of experimentation without expectation and thus less likelihood of frustration. Ask a little less, get so much more. I am so enjoying adding color to my stamped button booklet, the coloring process as rhythmic and soothing as drawing itself. 


Connie Rose said...

Looks good to me!

Lucia Sasaki said...

Hi Sheila, thanks for posting!
I agree with Connie Rose, the drawings in picture are very beautiful.
I guess I understand your relationship with colored pencil, because I have one too, not so intense as yours, but I always look for boxes of them when I go to any stationary store. Of course, when I was younger, my relationship with them were only pick some of the colors to mark passages of the Bibles I study but nowadays... I have been drawing a little more, actually some doodles, but for now it satisfies me. When I made the experience with marbled paper, one thing that fascinated me was the process of learning how the acrylic ink started to emulate the marble in the surface of the water and how to print it. The result was very basic, but I was so happy that I could learn a new thing. And I liked too much when sou told about expecting less. I am trying to do the same in my life.
Thanks so much for sharing your life!!
Have a great day!!