Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Remember This?

It's now this:

After coloring in the stamp, I contemplated what I could add around it. First is was the circle border, and then the flowing feathers, although in Zentangle terms they are called "flux". I pondered further whether to color any of that in, and as you can see, coloring won. All this done a bit at a time over many days. Slow, relaxing exploration that I almost hated to see come to an end today. But I have more pages to fill so it's ok.


Sherrie Spangler said...

I REALLY like this. Is it all colored pencils?

The Idaho Beauty said...

Yes, it is, Sherrie. On this one I used Prismacolor Verithins. You can get a very fine point with them which makes them perfect for detail work, and lots of areas in this were very small. I used several different greens on the leaves to give them a little more interest, although they didn't shade quite as darkly as I would have liked.

Mary Stori said...

I love how the square developed into such an interesting piece with your additions!!!