Wednesday, July 01, 2015


Last week, I noticed that these beautiful sweet peas were blooming at that same abandoned house where I snagged some lilacs blooms back in May. Couldn't resist bringing some home, then couldn't resist taking some pictures.

I'm always fascinated with the delicate veining that shows up in some petals like these.

Today, I received this lovely notice from the Sacred Threads people:

Dear Sacred Threads Artist,

All of the artwork is arriving at the venue. It's exciting days for us as we see your artwork in person! Today, your artwork was received and logged in. All is well with your beloved work and we promise to take very good care of it while it is in our hands. Thank you for sharing it with us and our visitors.

I had checked yesterday and saw that it had made it Maryland - how nice that I got this confirmation from the recipient that my quilts had arrived safely at their destination.

Monday, I made an appearance in the studio - one can arrive there for many reason, but on that day I decided to attend to a little mending and hemming. I'd found three items folded on the floor in front of my bookcase and realized they were clothes I'd started working on last summer and never took the last step. Embarrassing how I can put things off, but it feels so good when I finally tend to these small things. Apologies to to my "artist tool" which became a utilitarian machine for a day.

Once again I have some room on my work table and today arrived in the studio ready to tackle the beading on Masks. This is going to take awhile, but I think it's going to do exactly what is needed. Here I'm stretching the blue seed beads I had on hand by adding two of the new delica beads (which are slightly darker and smaller) between each one. I like the affect.


Sherrie Spangler said...

I love the flowers -- one of my favorites. Have fun with the beading!

Living to work - working to live said...

Mending?? With your machine? What ever next??!!

Maggi said...

What a relief for you to know that it has arrived safely. That is a very considerate email. I do like the colour of the beads against the background. I love sweet peas.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Happy to bring you all a smile with the sweet peas and a giggle over the mending. ;-)