Friday, January 12, 2018

A Moderate Snow

View out my back door
You've seen the video, but what I was really doing during the snow storm yesterday was trying to capture an unusual way the snow was piling up on some of the branches, forming little balls that reminded me of beads that created an almost lace-like effect. Fortunately, we did not get the amount of snow predicted (it was a wet heavy one), but a "mere" 4 to 5 inches which in comparison to 10 is easy to clear off. Enjoy the photos!



The Inside Stori said...

Beautiful and appreciated from afar!!

Sherrie Spangler said...

The snow does look like jewels!

Living to work - working to live said...

I'm mixed on this one. We just had that one snow dump in December. Since then it has just been a constant grey rain. Consequently walking the dog becomes a major exercise in mud removal at the end. Maybe a bit of snow would break the drudge grey. It certainly has more appeal aesthetically and the dog would not get so muddy - but on the other had there is the snow clearing, as you say, and over here in Blighty it causes the country to grind to a standstill because we are just not geared up. So I don't know whether to be jealous or relieved.

I hope for you it is more a pleasure than a nuisance.

H xxx

The Idaho Beauty said...

Hilary, definitely more of a pleasure this winter. You've expressed part of the reason, that snow always brightens up the otherwise dreary winter landscape, even when it is not coming down but stacked on the ground, trees, mountains. As for the dog, got some experience there too and much prefer snow over mud! One of my dogs, I swear she could clench her paws such that even if I resorted to dipping them in a bucket of water to remove most of the mud, there's still be tons to extract between the pads. Then again, when it snowed, ice balls often formed on the hair between pads and on the backs of legs - no fun to deal with either. But all in all, I think I'd take snow over mud!