Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Still In The Limelight

Look! I'm on the cover of the local paper's monthly insert!

After my artist talk at the December reception, and after the request to put it in written form for POAC's website (yet to do), I got another request from POAC to be the featured artist for the local newspaper's "Neighbors" insert which comes out once a month. I gave the gal responsible for the article links to places on the blog that answered some of the suggested "prompts" in the e-mail request, and then because some of what they wanted to know was more personal than artistic biography, I ended up writing a "quick" summary of where I was born and raised (not far from here), schooling and jobs, where life took me both geographically and creatively, and how I ended up back here. I expected her to combine all that information into a cohesive article, but instead, she took just my summary and printed it as submitted, adding the photos I'd sent along. Nice to know my writing skills are still up to par!

I've gotten some feedback from local friends who saw the feature, all who said it was nice to find out more about me and my background. I don't think of myself as secretive about my life, but since those people have only known me since I landed in Sandpoint, it's not surprising that there are things that haven't come up in conversation. As for not including more about my art and process, I decided that's ok for this kind of article. I wanted to be sure to include what this community means to me and my art and why I chose to make it my home. My summary does that.

This article isn't online that I can find, but if you click on the photo, you should get a large enough image to read the text. Now I'm ready to crawl back into my cave and become anonymous again! I've never really wanted widespread notoriety through my quilting, except possibly recognition in some of the larger quilt shows and art exhibits I've entered over the years, and in those cases, the quilts were far away and in the limelight, not me who kept a low profile at home. I've always been happy to be a medium-size fish in a medium-size pond. Or as this great image on creativity says down in the corner, "a prized local cheese!"



The Inside Stori said...

Well deserved….congrats!!

Sherrie Spangler said...

Congratulations! You deserve a little limelight!

Christine Staver said...

How wonderful for you! Great article.