Sunday, September 27, 2020


I've been finding it difficult to be excited about working on the Peace quilt this last week or so, being faced with a first step of quilting along all those satin stitched applique edges. Essentially, doing stitch in the ditch which has taken nearly as long to do as the satin stitching but relatively invisible. Not only can you not see the stitching which is done with the same thread, but you can't see any texture either, only if you flip it over to see the back. But I finally got this additional grunt work done and have decided to quilt the straight lines in the "border" area next, spacing them by using the outer edge of my walking foot as guide. That makes the lines about 3/8" apart which I find a pleasing distance. I do like the green twist thread but found myself second-guessing using it, almost giving in to using the brown twist of the satin stitching. I think once I quilt the light side of the quilt in the light green twist thread though, the dark green on the other side will make sense.
In the meantime, I'm plotting my next project. My god daughter had told me before she got pregnant the first time that she was going to have 3 kids, and even had a schedule of when she'd have them. True to her word, daughters one and two arrived on time and now child three (gender unknown) is due around Christmas. Talk about family planning! I've been saving this Kaffe Strip Quilt idea since I first saw it and thought it would be a perfect design for the last child, following a theme of using rectangular strips in the first two baby quilts (see here and here). Now that I know when child three is due, I'm motivated to start figuring out dimensions of individual pieces to size this down a bit and make it my own.


Anonymous said...

Your stitching is lovely--don't be hard on yourself! I had to're sizing a quilt down for a baby & I'm sizing a baby quilt up for a 4-year old. We're never happy, are we?! Stay well! Jan in WY

The Inside Stori said...

I agree grunt work is so dreary but often necessary. How wonderful to be planning another baby quilt……so uplifting for everyone!!