Saturday, November 20, 2021

Moving On

Tick Tock, Thanksgiving is next week, and then Christmas soon behind, and the baby for which the Kaffe inspired quilt is for will be celebrating his first birthday. So time to quit dilly dallying, set the book projects aside, and finish clearing the work table so the top can be sandwiched. As it turned out, there wasn't all that much to sort, put away or set aside  - I was just dreading picking through the first piles containing paper scraps (I have designs to try some weaving of the narrower strips). The rest pretty up stacked to be moved to the floor until they can return to the table. Look at that beautiful cleared off table! Well, except for a small strip at the end which I knew I could leave after measuring the backing.

And here it is with the quilt sandwich ready to pin baste (I keep my pins in a big Almond Roca tin.). It shouldn't take long, and I will also thread baste around the outside. I've pretty much settled on the design I will quilt over it. Hopefully, that won't take too long either. By the way, that Warm and Plush batting really does feel plusher than other cotton or cotton blend battings I generally use. We'll see how it quilts up.

In the meantime, we got our first real snow the other day and overnight. The neighbor kids did not disappoint, getting right out there to make a snow family, creatively decorated. Click on the picture for a larger version and check out the glasses.

Although I didn't get out soon enough to check how much snow we got as it was pretty wet and heavy and started settling (but not melting) early on, the weather report noted we got 5 inches and with temps in the 30's, it will be staying around. When I went for my walk, I noted quite a few fir trees that still had big piles of snow on their branches. Winter is here. 


Mary D said...

Very interested in the batting, it looks very comfortable. Snow? Wow it seems so early but then we are in the 70s still. Love the snow pics and your quilt is very inviting.

Anonymous said...

Yay for quilting that baby quilt! Those are great colors! We haven't had much snow, but the mountains have gotten quite a bit & we're probably not far behind. Stay warm! Jan in WY

Michele Matucheski said...

Did you get it done! Good endings! and warm beginnings!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks for the weather reports from your locales! Believe it or not, we've had a drizzly warm front move in (still right around 40) and the snow has all but disappeared. Only one of the snowpeople survived and even that one succumbed today!

As of this afternoon, Michele, yes, the quilt sandwich is all ready to go under the needle after I decided on one of two thread choices. As I pinned, I really could feel a difference in this batting, a softness to the plushness that I don't find in the other battings I'm used to using. And as I folded the backing and batting over at the edges, I could see how one could use a double layer of this and tie it for a very cozy quilt. Crossing fingers about how it behaves under the needle.

The Inside Stori said...

Love the simplicity yet colorful eye catching quilt…… Snow….oh boo hoo…..I’m SOOOO not ready for snow or even the cold. And cold it is here this morning - 25 degrees…..we will be heading out in a few minutes for our forced march….dreading every second. I’m COLD inside wearing long underwear…..HATE walking when it’s this cold but know I need the exercise!!
Hope your Turkey Day was pleasant…. said...

People always seem surprised when I tell them thread will jump out of its guides; and more than once I've 'fixes' someone's sewing machine by rewinding the bobbin properly.

And on another note---I've used some neon yellow or neon orange as my quilting thread--surprisingly it doesn't look 'yellow' or 'orange' but gives a sort of sparkle to the quilt even though it doesn't necessarily have yellow or orange or red or brown in it.

But then I like glittery but have not figured out how to use glitter glue in my books.