Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Goals for Week of Jan 30th

I have spent so much time in front of the computer or working on paperwork at my desk for a week now. So much for following up on my "stream of consciousness" creativity. But then again, I anticipated I'd not be able to settle down as the week wore on and the paperwork was just the thing to keep my occupied. I finished the block assessment and designing possible sets, printing out copies & writing explanations before sending them off to my friend. (She was duly impressed, by the way.) I caught up on my bookkeeping so I can tackle the taxes later this week or next. End of the month bills are figured and paid. It's guild newsletter time again and I finished that up today. Tomorrow will be a trip out to get it copied, processed and in the mail. Stuff I need to get rid of before I move is going up on eBay - always a time-consuming process. The workshop is over - a success on all levels. I'm feeling very good about what I have accomplished, a little light of step in my excitement over getting through these tasks.

As far as goals for this week, I'm transferring most of what I wanted to do last week but didn't to this week. I have another week before the Warmth From Wisconsin quilt is due, but I'd like to get it done to show off at guild next Monday. Ditto on that journal quilt. Don't know if it's feasible but think I'll try. As always, hand quilting to be done on the Lone Star, with time already spent on that Sunday and Mondayt. Here's hoping I can sustain the momentum.

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