Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My Dog, My Overflow

This is for my friend Bill, who said he enjoyed seeing pictures of my house and wanted to see more. I mention my dog a lot, so thought I would include her too. Here she is on her couch (yes, it is her couch, one bought in the 1980's that refuses to die, so makes a perfect dog couch), glowering at me as she so often does. There's not much she approves of concerning my routine, except the part that includes walks, treats and scratches.

My "house" by the way is a two story unit in a rental 4-plex, euphemistically described as a townhouse. Yeah, that definitely sounds better than a 4-plex. Upstairs holds three bedrooms; one I sleep in, one I use as a studio and the last one, which is smaller than the other two, is Jesse's room which she allows me to use as an office. The stuff on the end of the couch is the overflow from my studio - stuff that for a long time resided on the ping pong table until it had to be cleared. I didn't want these bits of projects to get too far out of sight and forgotten, but truth be told, seeing them every day hasn't helped get them any farther along. Ah, well, someday. There's a vest in there, and the pieces of a quilt used for a workshop that I will never teach again. If I finish it, it will go to charity. The pillow, by the way, is made from cheater cloth and hand-quilted by my mother-in-law. She didn't want it anymore so I snagged it. It's perfect to take to classes to soften those metal chairs and boost me up a bit to compensate for tables that are always too high.

This is looking at the opposite side of the room at some of the things that people might find incongruous. Well, I told you I was into motorcycle racing and the poster of the very leaned over racer is a shot of AMA's Aaron Yates. Honest to God, those guys rub their elbows on the curbing sometimes. Talk about extreme sports. Right below you see a calendar with quilts - of course. The other calendar stuck to the cabinet door has a picture I took when I visited Sandpoint, ID last year. It's there to remind me that I have to move there this year. The various framed pictures are of my late husband and I posed various places in our motorcycle gear along with our Harley Sportster. We had major fun on that bike, let me tell you.

I actually have two desks in this room and several file cabinets. One desk holds the usual - bill paying and letter writing stuff. The other is devoted to the computer. Besides all my internet time, I have several software programs that I use in one way or another to aid me in my quilting. Those postcards behind the clock and speaker are from a friend from my Tacoma, WA days. I think they were meant to make me homesick for the West Coast as they show Mt. Rainier, the Space Needle in Seattle, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, waves crashing on the beach and Tacoma's infamous drive-in burger joint, Frisco Freeze. On the side of the desk is yet another motorcycle poster. This is Pascal Picotte who used to race for Harley-Davidson before they dropped the program. These guys are so buff. They have to be in shape to muscle these machines around. I actually got a chance to talk to Pascal and get his autograph while my husband took a picture. Major drool going on here because he was one of the older racers (but still younger than me) so had a little more maturity that certainly appealed. Ah well, I can dream, I guess. Unfortunately, he's married and has gone back to Canada. But what a nice guy.

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