Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Saturday's Workshop

Here is half of the Mariner's Compass block I used for my demonstrations at the workshop I taught on Saturday. It is lying on the "focus fabric" I thought I'd use as either the frame or border so you can see where I thought I was going with the color scheme. I wish I had the time to work on it more right now, but I can't so it is destined to be yet one more UFO nagging at the edge of my consciousness.

As for the workshop itself, it went very well. The weather cooperated (no icy, snowy roads to negotiate), I didn't get lost and the ladies participating were delightful. With only 7 students, there was time for each one to get help with fabric selection, something we did as a group so everyone could see various ways of approaching it as well as offer additional opinions. My only regret is that there's never time for students to sew a complete block, so I don't get to see how well our decisions work. It's so exciting for a teacher to see the results of a class; I can only hope they will send me pictures, as some of my students have in the past.

Experiences like this are such a boost. If I could guarantee every teaching job would be as positive, I'd be tempted to pursue it more seriously. But I know better, which is why I'm getting out of teaching. Plus, even when it is positive, it puts me in such a tizzy. It's just the way I am. Still, my track record working with guilds is pretty good, so maybe I'll stay open to the odd workshop that might come my way.

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