Monday, January 22, 2007

Goals for Week of Jan 22nd

It felt like it would be a busy week as I contemplated what needed doing this week. I put in 17 hours last week - two more than my minimum but necessary to meet all the goals. I miscalculated on the cut width of the pinwheel quilt binding. I wanted it a bit wider than 1/4" but not a full 1/2", and intended to have extra around to the back so that I could machine stitch, not hand stitch it in place. Alas, it just barely covered the stitching line, perfect if I'd meant to finish it by hand. Oh, well. In fact, I like the look better and my dog enjoyed having me join her on the couch for several hours of extra hand sewing.

Two quilts bound now meant two quilts need sleeves - not the most exciting prospect to start out the week. I made the pinwheel quilt sleeve last week, so decided not to bellyache, just sew it on. It still needs a label, but I wanted to get a picture of it, so tried it out in the spot I'd saved for it. For all my misgivings and disappointments during its construction, I was quite taken with how it looked in this dim hallway.

I wasn't planning to spend a full 3 hours in the studio today, but what the heck - how long could it take to sew a sleeve for that 14" Grid 2? I also printed off some pictures and made a few notes on documentation sheets - the type of winding up of loose ends once a quilt is completed that is much too easy to put off until there is a huge pile of such to take care of. I'm pleased I didn't succumb to procrastination today.

I'd like to get on with Grid 3 - I need to mark some quilting lines before I layer it up. But I'd also like to make a big dent in that stack of fabric that needs processing. The one small load I did last week hardly put a dent in it. Again, more unglamorous work, but it has to be done sometime. I have to admit that I rather enjoy the ironing process - it's another one of those mindless tasks that allows my thoughts to drift and often come up with ideas and solutions. And the random juxtaposition of fabric often sparks interesting combinations I wouldn't think to try. So it is not an unpleasant task, but it is a time consuming one.

I may need to put Grid 3 on hold for another reason. I agreed to take part in a challenge quilt contest with a friend, and the quilt is due March 1st. I dug out the fabric and challenge rules last week so I could start contemplating what to do. I'm planning on using one of my sunprinted fabrics, but just how the challenge fabrics will be incorporated is still up in the air. This same friend reminded me that I wanted to get back to doing monthly journal quilts and she is ready to join me, so I am due to make the first one on Saturday. Whew - yes this is shaping up to be a busy week!

I set the date for my open-house/studio tour, but it is almost a month away. Plenty of time to plan and scheme and get a few more things done. I should follow up on a name given to me as a local art quilt contact - I've been building up my courage for weeks now to do that, knowing that I wouldn't be comfortable doing it until I was back actively making quilts again. Well, I am, and I should see if there's a group I can join - a small critique or peer group is what I'm looking for. Now that I have a date for the open house, I can use it as an icebreaker.

Ok, so let's list the goals for the week:
  1. Make and attach sleeves to the pinwheel quilt and Grid 2
  2. Process more fabric
  3. Catch up documentation files and print pictures for same
  4. Work on design for challenge
  5. Mark and layer Grid 2 for quilting
  6. Make journal quilt on Saturday
  7. Contact local artist
I'm tired already!

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