Friday, January 05, 2007

What else happened last week

A funny thing happened when I opened the studio door for the first time last week. As if to hammer home the importance of distancing myself from my work when it is frustrating me or seemingly not turning out well, I was stopped in my tracks by the sight of "Home Again" as it sat upright where I had left it after taking pictures. When I'd seen it last, it was after dark and lit by lamps. Now it was bathed in natural daylight, and the metallic in the couched thread glinted and sparkled at me. "Ooo, it looks quite good," I caught myself thinking, "I won't feel embarrassed displaying it in the office after all." Quite different from my feelings about it as I worked on it and made myself stop obsessing over it, as described in this post.

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The Wittering Rainbow said...

I'm ALWAYS amazed at how things look when you come back to them after a while. It works both ways for me though because sometimes if I've been quite pleased with something and revisit it a while later, I find myself disappointed!