Thursday, January 11, 2007

Words of Wisdom on a Cold and Sluggish Day

I fell off the get-up-on-time wagon today. I blame the weather. Temperatures began dropping like a rock last night and the wind came up. I mean, really came up, as in 30 mile an hour gusts that rattled the windows and blew open a storm door. We're heading for zero tonight; in the meantime, weather forecasters warned that the winds would continue all day today leaving windchills of zero before the actual temperature reached that. My warm cozy bed felt particularly warm and cozy, and I didn't relish the thought of braving the cold on the dog walk. Yes, this lab of mine seems to particularly enjoy below freezing weather when the wind is blowing so no respite for me. (P.S. to Felicity - I'm searching for a good picture of her to send you.)

Well, Felicity, based on your comment, I know you understand my desire to linger in bed! And I just didn't feel real spiffy today once I got going, which I also blame on the weather. I find the wind makes me uneasy. Don't remember it being so windy so often here as it has been lately, and I don't remember it bothering me either. Maybe that's a leftover from the years in Wisconsin watching for tornados.

Still, I put in 3-1/2 hours in the studio, pulling some possibilities for Grid 2 binding and starting the quilting on the pinwheel top. I thought I'd be doing freemotion work, so started setting up that machine and picking thread. Then I realized the first little bit was stitching in the ditch so I changed to my other machine with a walking foot and set it up. I always clean out around the bobbin when I start a new project, and I was surprised at how much lint had collected in there from sewing the pinwheel blocks together. Anyway, I got quite a bit of ditch stitching done which was probably about all I was up for today.

The words of wisdom come from "Foundation Borders" by Hall & Haywood, which I was reading in bed this morning. I liked the way they phrased two things I believe in:

Remember that originality is often just a creative response to a problem.
Fabric is fickle...

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Felicity said...

Yes I do understand! I'd be inclined to stay in bed in that weather too, fortunately I only have the dark to contend with here. I'm making a mental note never to get a dog! ;)