Monday, February 19, 2007

Goals for Week of February 18

Oh, yes, it's time to get back to weekly goals as life returns to something resembling normal. I spent the first real studio time in several weeks today and it felt wonderful! Remember that Challenge quilt that was supposed to be ready for quilting before the open house? Yeah, right - I was too preoccupied to concentrate on it and now I have until Friday to finish it up and get it in the mail. So that is my top priority for the week, followed by updating the blog with details about the open house. Pretty simple, pretty straight forward. And I found time to work towards both goals today.
Oh, I guess there's one other thing I should add to the list. I've been looking at software for artists - the kind of thing that would help me organize not just the info about my quilts, but pictures of them, their location, sales records and mailing lists. Since I sold two pieces this weekend, it seemed like a good time to make a decision and get going on a better system. Time to complete my research and act.

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