Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Stubby-Earred Dog

This is Jesse, who I refer to often. She is the first all-lab I've had, the others being crossed with various setters which had the advantage of giving them longer ears and less stocky bodies. But I love her all the same.

I "met" Felicity through the Yahoo group Alternative Quilt List, but she is doing more drawing than quilting these days. And she is very talented at it. I offered her the challenge of sketching my black beauty, and thus I found the need to take a new batch of pictures.

Here she is doing what she loves best on our winter walks - diving after rodents! They must make tunnels under the snow or hole up in air pockets around the base of vegetation. Jesse seems to hear them first, then pounces and either digs or just thrusts her head into the snow. If the snow is crusty, she'll two-foot hop with her front paws until she punches a hole. Occasionally, she's successful in catching something, and then, she is oh so proud.

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