Thursday, February 08, 2007

Making Progress

Thanks to all of you who have left words of encouragement, opinions and suggestions about my upcoming open house. All are greatly appreciated and being heeded! Kimberly in particular had good concrete ideas about what sorts of things I should have out besides my quilts. It matches what I've seen at a few gallery exhibits I've attended, and I plan to follow suit.

The half dozen formal invitations have been printed and mailed, reminding me that I really need to start an art address list. I tackled a few dirty spots on walls and scrubbed down a lot of woodwork yesterday. It's been needing to be done since I moved in, but it was pretty far down on the priority list and eventually, I quit seeing it. Until now, of course, when I realize how many roving eyes may be passing through my house soon. Today I made valances for two of my three studio windows. Something else I've been meaning to do, but not nearly as fun as making quilts. The third window is too wide for the old Java sari I planned to hang over it. Instead, I wrapped it around the curtain rod and called it good. The valance fabric, by the way, has the same blue and goldish green as the sari and all works with the green woodwork around the windows.

Before doing the valances, though, I really needed to work on something quilt related. I've not all week because of the open house chores, and I could sense myself getting off-balance and anxious. The heck with what I should be working on (that challenge quilt). I just needed to sit at the machine for a bit and calm myself. So the first lines of machine quilting went into Grid 3. And it did make me feel better.

I'd ordered curtains for my bedroom and patio door. The patio door ones were on backorder and the bedroom ones were an awful color and the wrong length so were sent back for exchange. I'd heard nothing on either for awhile, but yesterday I got notification that the bedroom ones had been shipped. And this afternoon, Mr. UPS showed up with the header for the patio one. Maybe I'll have them up by the open house yet!

A lady from my church told me she had a dream about me the other night. I was having an opening at a very posh gallery and she said my work was very beautiful. I laughed and said, well, that's where I hope I'm headed and I also hope that my actual work lives up to what you saw in your dream!

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