Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Getting Back Into It

Today I worked on an entry form for a juried exhibition. I swore off entering shows as I prepared to relocate, got settled in, and decided I just needed to work for awhile without the distraction of upcoming show deadlines. When I did think about getting into exhibits, it seemed like way too much work, or too costly, or I feared my work might not measure up. I wasn't sure what direction my work might take and I think I feared being stereotyped. I worried a lot about the image I'd be projecting and whether I might find myself known for something I didn't want to get stuck with forever.

I seem to have turned a corner, though. Whether it's renewed confidence in myself, and thus my work, the change of season, or just that the self-imposed break from competition has done what it needed to do, I find myself eager to get my work out there again. This particular call for entries did not require a lot of paperwork, and the jpg's were pretty much ready to go. I could go back two years when selecting what to submit, and there was more good stuff there than I expected to find. I could enter up to three pieces for the same entry fee so I chose two older works and one new. Wish me luck.

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