Monday, October 15, 2007

Judgment vs Will

The binding's sewn down on the angel quilt and I am pleased with how it looks. It was the right choice. So today the plan was to determine what else this quilt might need, specifically, if adding some rosettes would improve the design. And unfortunately, the only way to know that would be to make a bunch of them. These are similar to but smaller than the ones on the first Cathedral Angel quilt. The grid in the picture above is one inch, so you can see I'm working fussy again. I fused two pieces of the red together, traced around a tiny heart template for each petal, then cut each out. The center circle has fusible on the back. Arrange the petals, place the circle on top and fuse to hold all together. The tweezers are helpful in shifting the petals and positioning the circle.

I really wanted to skip this part. Just to test my idea, I figured I'd need to make at least 6 rosettes. That's 30 of those little heart petals. And if I decided the rosettes were a mistake, then what in the heck would I do with them? You know me, I can't toss anything, especially if it's taken me a lot of time to make. My better judgment that suspected this was a detail that would really improve this quilt was getting drowned out by the willful child who just wanted to be done. But even the child had to admit that the quilt still looked blah, a bit dead, and definitely in need of something else.

Those six rosettes were all that was necessary to see I definitely needed to add these. It made making the additional eight less of a chore. Once they were all positioned on the quilt, they helped those outer vines make sense, and I also think they help move the eye around the design. My fear that they would detract from the angel in the center was unfounded. Instead, they echo the fabric in the angel's tunics, seen no where else on the quilt.

I'll stitch them to the quilt using gold metallic thread and probably a buttonhole stitch just around the centers. The petals will be left free. After that I will try a few beads in the sky along those rays in the fabric, and possibly a few in the water as well. And then, I think this quilt will be finished.

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