Thursday, October 11, 2007

Taking the Plunge...

I'm tired of the angel quilt hanging around my neck like an albatross, so today I flipped it over, squared it up and chose a binding. I have to admit, I'm feeling much better about it after having taken a break from it. I find that's often the case with troublesome quilts. This wasn't the first long break I'd taken from it either. It has fought me almost every step of the way.

I'm not sure this binding is "right" but it isn't wrong either. In fact, it looks much better than I thought it would and helps tie in the little bit of that fabric I used through the center of the quilt. I'm still wondering if I should have faced the edges, or at least faced the bottom edge, but I don't need to second guess myself any more on this.

I used single fold binding cut on grain for the sides and top, and bias cut for the curved bottom. I used the butted method rather than continuous mitered at the corners partly so I would have the option to change my mind about the top and bottom if I didn't like what was going on there without having to remove the whole binding. I'd left extra at the top of the quilt, not sure just how wide that border should be to look right. After sewing on the binding and pinning it to the back, I decided the border was too wide. Off came that section of binding, 1/2 an inch was trimmed off, and the binding was sewn back on. You wouldn't think 1/2 an inch would make that much difference, but in a border that isn't terribly wide to begin with, it did. The proportions look much better to me now.

I'll hand stitch it to the back, and then consider adding some stylized roses and beading. Won't know if that will be necessary or overkill until I try it.

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