Thursday, October 25, 2007

Distractions & Progress

I don't remember the lilac leaves from last fall, know that I took no pictures. So I was surprised to see how they had reacted to the shortening of the days. I've had a bit of a problem adhering to my goal of putting in daily studio time, no matter how long or short. Temperatures shot up, skies cleared, and suddenly there was a two-day weather window in which to get some work in the garden done. Ah well, I was back on track today.

I knew the top of the angel quilt needed something, and this, apparently, was it.

It not only provided balance at the top of the quilt, but balanced the additional beading I wanted to add to the tunic. I think I'll also scatter a few of these beads along the side border seam. And then I may be done...

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