Sunday, April 13, 2008

Extreme Embroidery Exhibit

Smithsonian Magazine's ARTiculations blog has an interesting post reviewing an embroidery exhibit at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York. It would seem the "extreme" embroiderers out there have some of the same stereotyping issues that art quilters do - difficult to earn respect. Here is an excerpt that I think hits the nail on the head concerning how to command respect in the art community, regardless of your medium:

"Rarely nowadays is skill in art discussed, let alone used as a basis for evaluation, but this exhibition showcases how mastery mesmerizes...The detail and intricacy of the scene, created entirely using silk thread on linen, attest to the boggling ability of the artist.

What especially impressed me is that the works in the show were not conspicuously self-conscious of the craft they display. The form did not override or rob the pieces of expressiveness. Instead, it seemed like the pieces could only exist as embroidery; the intent of the artists could only be communicated this particular way."

To read the entire blog entry, go here. For more on the exhibit, go here.

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