Monday, April 21, 2008

It's Still Snowing in Idaho

It's been very cold lately, and I haven't bothered to report in on the continued insistence of mother nature to spit snowflakes at us. However, this morning when I peeked out the window, this is what I saw.

It melted off by mid-day. I feel sorry for my daffodils, one of which simply couldn't hold back any longer.

Normally you know these spring snows are short lived, but it gives one pause to see a snowplow of this size rumbling down the highway in late April.


Anonymous said...

AC's been on for a week. Hawaiian shirts and cargo shorts for church.


The Idaho Beauty said...

I'm grrring myself. I had to get the wool sweaters out again! I'm really longing to wear something a little lighter in weight. Not shorts yet, but at least one instead of two layers on top?

Even Eau Claire was in the 70's yesteray...that hardly seemed fair.

Anonymous said...

Wanna trade houses? You can use the pool. Leave your snow shovel where I can get at it.

brdhsbldr said...

Sympathies from Creston, Bc where we get a little less snow than you usually but this has been one long and nasty winter - more a nuisance than the really bad weather some places.
(Creston,BC is about 80 miles from Pend 'oreal and Sandpoint, ID.)
We had a lovely weekend these past few days but the Spokane weather man is forcasting possible snow again mid-week.
In August we'll be longing for a cool day!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Ain't that the truth - I've been thinking the very same thing!