Thursday, March 19, 2009


Today was a day for auditioning. First, I fused decor bond to the back of the pink piece and layered it with Thermore and muslin. After a little quilting is added to accentuate the tree trunk I see there, I'll attach it to the crushed velvet (relic from the 1970's). The little piece to the left, with any luck, will look like mountains and lake at sunset, and will also get the crushed velvet treatment. Threads pooled or laid on the surface gives me an idea of how the colors will work.

Then it was back to my jungle piece. So far only two votes on which way to orient it and they do not agree, no surprise there. I'm still undecided and thought pairing it with some fabric options might push me one direction or the other. I started with my regular stash and ended up in the batik basket - amazed with how many options there were. Even the background I'm using in the azalea piece is up for consideration.

I guess it all depends on the mood I want to set, along with which ones don't overpower the central design. Black was my first thought, before I started thinking jungle batiks, and in the end, I probably will opt for the black batik which has the subtlest of plums emerging in it. I think if I edge the quilted area with a plum too, it will bring it all to life. And would look good either direction, darn it.

It was pretty fun trying all the different fabrics and seeing how they changed the feel of the piece. Click on the pictures for a larger view that will show the background fabrics better. There's still time to comment on your preferred orientation here. It's always interesting to hear what other people see in the imagery.


Lynette Weir said...

For what it's worth - seeing you asked! lol!!
Design wise I think the original horizontal orientation works best. Although the vertical may remind one of another scene it seems that the actual design (aside from what it reminds one of) feels that it needs to tip back to the horizontal. The movement provided by the swirled section is both grounded to the central vertical spire section when it is placed the horizontal it seems to flatten the design.
As for background - definitely don't like the
'busy' feather materials as the design itself is dynamic and moving. Top left green, the dark colour below are my preference though the bottom right is interesting. It is hard to tell on a small digital format though.
That all being said as it is your work it ultimately has to go the way it feels most right for you and what you are trying to achieve!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thank you, Lynette, for your thoughtful reply. You are right, every time I pick it up it automatically tips to horizontal and feels most comfortable there. Turned vertically, I seem to have to work too hard to see the mountain/clouds image; turned horizontally it relaxes and reads easily.

Also right about the busy prints. Although some of them pick up on the same paisley shapes, they simply compete too much with the central design.

I'm currently working with the black piece, and auditioning purples and greens to finish the edge of the quilted portion. No, no, not quite, maybe...and then pulled a multicolor one I don't think I looked at before and it may be just right. This is definitely taking longer than I anticipated, but I know these things can't be rushed.