Monday, March 02, 2009

Off on a New Tangent

The urge to break out the tropical fabrics to start the second azalea mosaic has been strong the last few dreary weeks. With the priority items that have kept me from it mostly in hand, I could entertain that urge at last. The background fabric went up on the design wall and I started considering which fabrics might make up my mosaic squares. What a tonic to the rain pouring down outside my window all day! This background is the same colors as the one in azalea mosaic 1, but the pattern is different. The grid on this one will be canted - a printout of a quick mock-up can be seen pinned at the top of the background fabric in the picture above. In looking at this again along with the pictures from 8 months ago that were my inspiration, I wondered about switching the yellow and tangerine placement, so did a quick mock-up of that too. Now that it is printed out next to the original idea, I'm not sure it works as well. I'll be cutting individual squares that will ultimately be fused down so will have ample opportunity to experiment.

All the fabrics for this project have been waiting in the bedroom since I cleared the worktable last month to facilitate quilting the crow's feet quilt. Today, I moved the stack back in, and when I lifted off the background fabric, this fabulous yellow/orange vine batik was revealed. I pretty much remembered the other fabrics I'd squirreled away under there but I'd forgotten all about this one. My little version of an archaeological dig, full of exciting finds. This second mosaic will use this same azalea color palette in the squares as the first one but mix in more fabrics, values and shades - possibly some of the ones seen here.

And because of the fused applique, it will be finished long before the first azalea mosaic with its hand applique. This is one time when I don't mind working out of sequence.

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