Saturday, May 23, 2009

Back to Auditioning - Part II

I finished up my Azalea Mosaic test piece by satin stitching around the edge with the same Oliver Twist green thread I'd used for the vine/leaf machine embroidery. 100% happy with how that looks! I assumed that a black background would suit it best, but of course, wondered about purple as well. Perhaps that would help the purple squares stand up more to that intense yellow. Again, I've cropped these auditions in Paintshop Pro and added a black border to represent the metal frame I plan to mount it in.

I was surprised that I didn't like it better. Although any of these more or less work, none give the impact I was looking for. A little strong, a little busy, a little dull...close but just not right.

So surely the black will be the no brainer, really set it off nicely. This is the same black as auditioned with jungle. It's a batik with hints of purple and blue in it. Huh. It seemed to sap all the life out of this little piece. Didn't expect that.

But the green...oh, I kept coming back to this green and every time it made me smile with pleasure. The satin stitching even pops off it instead of becoming lost on it. I think I have a winner here. Finished size will be 18 by 11 inches. Click on any picture for a larger view.

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