Thursday, May 07, 2009

Shooting Spree

Spent the day out and about and have things to share, but pics not ready. So instead, I share some I took the other day between rain showers. Yes, we are getting our April showers in May. It hasn't stopped the turning over of the adjacent fields, though. This piece of farm machinery showed up and I couldn't resist. Not sure why farm equipment captivates me so. Must be the curves, repetition, symmetry.

A Wisconsin friend mentioned how she is seeing a spring green that matches the one in the crayola box, which she always doubted. I see it here too - more yellow than green really, and fleeting.

And then in this hollow, the most intense bright green.

Once home, I snapped some closeups of the few tulips I have blooming.

I'm guessing the single petal dropped down like this is due to the winds buffeting it.

About half of the daffodils are spent, the other half are hanging in there, no doubt because it has been so cool.


RHONDA said...

Ah, memories. That spring green always reminds me of Danish forests in springtime. Growing up in Sydney, Australia, I had never really understood spring and spring colours until I lived in Denmark. Now I miss them.
It's strange, but our autumn has the same sense of relief about it that a northern hemisphere spring has. It seems to be the relief that the extremes of temperature are over for another year.

The Idaho Beauty said...

I forget that there are parts of the world that may not experience the same nature colors as I do. I actually find the same sense of relief you talk about going into autumn because it signifies the end of the growing season and a break from the chores related to that. Winter always feels like a welcome vacation from all that riot of keeping nature at bay and under control. I hadn't thought about relief that certain extremes are over for the time being, but I must admit that's part of it too. Good point.