Sunday, January 03, 2010

It's Sunday

I haven't been in church on a Sunday for a month, I realized. The first Sunday in December, I visited another church, then the next three I was too sick to go (although I did drag myself to the Christmas Eve service). I was pleased we had a good crowd in good spirits, even if we did stumble through some of the hymns. We've recently installed windows in the front of the church which frame pine trees. Our Celtic-style cross hangs in front of the center one. We take communion from a common chalice. It seemed appropriate to sketch these items today.

All but the chalice were sketched from images stored in my brain. I didn't trust my memory to get the shapes right. Once I got set up and sketching, the urge to fill my lovely wooden "chalice" with wine was overwhelming, but I figured sipping wine would lead to less sketching. Best to leave the imbibing as a reward to speed up the process!

I settled on the fabrics for the row robin challenge and got everything cut out today. It's a Seminole piecing pattern so I am ready to sew strip sets, cut segments and sew some more.

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