Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Seminole Piecing

Seminole piecing is the perfect choice for a row quilt, but this is my first chance to utilize it during this challenge. It is a deceptively simple process that produces complicated-looking results. I'm using a pattern out of a book I taught from, "Simply Seminole" by Dorothy Hanisko. Start with these two strip sets.

Then cut them into these segments. The narrow ones are 1 inch wide, not an easy width if one were cutting each piece individually and sewing together. Strip piecing makes it manageable for anyone.

Sew together four segments, flip flopping two of them.

The finished blocks will be set on point in the row.

But you'd never know it by the next step where you sew these spacers in between the blocks set square. This photo, by the way, is the most accurate representation of the fabrics' true colors.

An angled cut through the spacer magically creates triangles on two sides of the blocks. Much simpler than cutting triangles and sewing them on separately.

Now these units can be rotated and sewn together to form a row of blocks on point.

I'm off to add sashing and sew my row to the top...

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Deborah said...

It still looks difficult to me!