Friday, June 18, 2010

Dreary Day Progress

Yesterday was another cold, rainy, dreary day, so not only did more knitting get done, more machine quilting got done. In fact, here is the string quilt all quilted and ready for binding. I know, I know, you can't really see the quilting so here's the back::

When I first got my Viking Sapphire and saw the programmed curvy stitch represented as a quilting stitch, I admit I scoffed. But now I am unscoffing. I really like how it has worked on this particular quilt and the back looks really cool.

Today has been a much better day - not a lot warmer, but sans rain, and with the occasional sunbreak as you can see from the pictures above. Plus, my Walla Walla pastel artist friend Bonnie Griffith is in town for the opening of ArtWalk. I passed on ArtWalk this year, but Bonnie gamely applied and was accepted. See her work at the Panhandle Bank - the same venue I exhibited at last year. I met her for lunch today, we viewed the "Found Objects" exhibit at the Power House, and then I brought her home to see some of my art. Now I'm off to go see her exhibit and the rest of ArtWalk. Yes, a better day indeed!


Sherrie S. said...

I love your string quilt!

I hope you get some sunshine soon. We thought summer had arrived a few weeks ago here in Gig Harbor, but it was only a tease. I'm worried we won't have a summer at all and then the winter will come again.

Cathie said...

Hi "Beauty!" WOW I do love this quilt - so pretty and the quilting.... exquisite. Coming to Idaho to look for a house! So, so excited. We're flying in to Utah and driving up to Idaho Falls. Renting a Harley there and going all the way up to the top of the state and all the way back down. Then all the way to the top of Montana and all the way back down. We are bound and determine to find our homestead!!! As always - so nice to visit you.