Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Smiling at my horoscopes again

I've gone quite awhile with the horoscopes not making any sense. Then in the last week I've had two that are pretty right on. First from Freewill Astrology:

How skilled are you at getting things done and making things happen? This is different from just being busy; It's not the same as scrambling around attending to whatever tasks are at the forefront of your attention. I'm talking about actually cranking out excellent results that manifest a comprehensive vision of your intentions. I'm talking about working hard and smart to serve the big picture, not working frenetically and mechanically to rid yourself of nervous mental energy. You're in a phase when these themes are especially important, Virgo. Be a master of the details, don't let the details master you.

I'm trying, I'm TRYING! I love that part about "comprehensive vision of your intentions." I also think of "intentions" as "plans" and often say to myself, no wonder you're so lost- you don't know where you're going, you have no master plan.

And now yesterday's horoscope out of the local newspaper:

Mars, the planet of energy, moves into your sign. Focused, you could change a lot in the next few months.

Yeah! Boy, one thing I have lacked the last few weeks has been energy - just sapped right out of me. But this week I feel the energy returning, and now I know why, if one believes in these things. Mars, it's about time you showed up. And isn't "focus" my resolution word for the year? I'd let that slip my mind, and it is so obvious I lost most of my focus when I was sick in March, and I really haven't gotten it back. I feel more capable of focus now too. Time to Focus!

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