Thursday, June 10, 2010

Glacial progress

I'm making some headway, slow forward movement, incremental progress, getting a handle on one design while being flummoxed by the other. But at least I'm in there. This is my final arrangement of the pieces over the painted Misty Fuse ironed to the background. And here is where I'm flummoxed. I have a vague notion of a quilting strategy, got out a bunch of threads to audition.

I feel it needs punching up and thought to get out my Joen Wolfrom 3-in-1 Color Tool to see what the color wheel thought I should do. I'm liking the idea of adding some green, and a brighter, almost red fuchsia. And now that I'm not focusing on the Little Rogue challenge piece, I keep gravitating back to it. I've been testing fusibles, sealants and glues on the organza and a poly sheer of some kind...

...because I'm ditching the idea of manipulating a fabric into folds and leaning towards undulating strips of organza. The problem now is how to attach them. That poly sheer (which I like so much better than the tulle) frays like crazy, and the organza will too if the cut gets too close to true. How much stitching do I want to show, to create a hard line, to mash things down? How can I allow the organza to float, and not float away? If I can seal the edges, I think a few well placed beads might be the answer.

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Cate Rose said...

I love what you're doing here, Sheila.