Thursday, December 23, 2010

Auction Find

There are a lot of things that I'm a sucker for and baskets are one of them. My church had its annual "pie" auction on Sunday. It really did start out as pies made by members and bought at auction by members to raise money for various causes. It wasn't long until those who's forte was not pie making added their own home made specialty to the auction table, be it cookies, or bread, or home-made jam. But why should cooks be the only one's contributing? Yes, other hand-made items began showing up, like knitted scarves, and bird houses and wall quilts. This year, the handmade-by-members caveat was off the plate - there were many items the origins of which were murky but which were enticing all the same. I could not resist bidding on this interesting basket, even though no one knows who made it, or even if it is handmade.

I love the classic shape, but it was the driftwood handle that really caught my eye and interest. Once it was mine (for only $10), I noticed the detail where the basket attaches to the handle.

And for reasons unknown, the donator included this seashell on a leather thong. It was loose in the bottom of the basket, under several bags of little rocks to hold dried flower arrangements in place. I like it hanging like this. And while I don't know exactly what I'll be using this for, I'm pretty sure it won't be for flowers. It seems too mystical to me for that. I think I want to fill it with little slips of paper, notes to myself, names of people I care about. Or maybe I'll use it to gather plums in the fall...

For such a small membership, it is amazing how much this little auction raised. Over $450 will be sent to the school in Ghana that we support. Merry Christmas, kids!


Connie Rose said...

Beautiful basket and great find, Sheila! I'm a sucker for baskets, as well. At this point in my life I have far more than I need. I much prefer to keep stuff in baskets than in anything else.
Happy Holidays!!

Anonymous said...

Nice one! Just popping by to wish you a Happy Christmas and thank you for the comment on my video! Have a good one :) x