Thursday, December 02, 2010

Unfamiliar Territory

It shouldn't be a forced march to get something accomplished in the studio, but that's the way it has felt lately. Gerrie expressed it very well in this blog post as well as sharing some tips for getting back on track which include just making yourself get to work. I gave myself a good pep talk this morning and force-marched myself in there and got to work. The unfamiliar territory refers to the framing which was my prime directive for the day. I was chagrined to discover I couldn't buy pre-cut mats with a 4 x 6 opening, so bought some mottled mat board (unfortunately the mottling doesn't show up in the picture) and crossed my fingers that I could adequately cut one or two myself. I was pleased with my first effort. And with that success under my belt, it was easier to stay in the studio and keep working.

I trimmed up my Harvest Moon a bit, ran a line of stitching close to the outside edge and sealed the raw edges with Fray Check. Then I centered it in the mat, securing it with strips of linen tape before slipping it in the frame.

I'm very pleased with how it looks in the frame. This photo shows the frame color fairly accurately, but there is a bit of reflection off the glass making the textile look a bit lighter than in real life.

Framing the Moon over Pend Orielle postcard was easy by comparison. I didn't have to cut out an opening in the mat since the glass would be removed from the frame and the postcard mounted directly onto the mat. I've used this double-sided scrapbooking tape before this way and it holds really well. The black satin stitching around the outside of the postcard gives the effect of double matting. Illusion is a wonderful thing.

I also cut out pieces for another Harvest moon today and mounted the second moon over the lake postcard on mat board but in a different frame from the other one. I sketched out an idea for a strawberry moon postcard and will start on that tomorrow - I'm thinking it will be finished like Harvest Moon so will be cutting the center from another mat. I thought it would look good for my three entries to be in the same frames, and additional renditions will get their own framing/finishing. I'm even thinking of bumping up some of the designs to a 5 x 7 size to accommodate a standard pre-cut mat. Yes, the ideas are still flowing, even if it takes a forced march to get me there.


Connie Rose said...

Good work on the framing -- the little quilts look wonderful! Thanks for the tips on those two tapes, I haven't seen either of them before.

Chris said...

Hey, thanks for the link. So timely for me. I haven't done any art in months... how do you get back? Apparently there is drinking involved. Fine with me!