Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I about froze my behind off, but I wasn't about to miss this historic total eclipse of the moon if I could help it. Especially since I've been incorporating moons in so much of my recent work. The moon was positioned so I could recline on my front porch and watch the show. The clouds graciously thinned and eventually parted for an unobstructed view. I was glad I made the effort.

There was no information in my paper on this so I nearly missed it altogether. One shouldn't wait for the actual event before figuring out how to use a new camera in the dark. I was pretty thrilled that the first shot seemed to come out pretty good in spite of the thin cloud cover. Then I accidentally pressed a button that did something (still haven't figured it out in the light of day) and I couldn't get a good shot after that. And I got pretty tired of it then nagging me about the fact that I should be using a tripod! Yeah yeah, I know, but still...so this is what you get with a slow shutter speed holding the camera unbraced. Eventually, I put the camera aside, cold hands in pockets, and enjoyed the show!

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Sherrie Spangler said...

Lucky you to be able to see the eclipse from your porch! I was still awake when it would have been happening, but it was rainy here and the trees usually block the moon anyway. I'm so glad we're headed toward longer days.