Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And after the exhibits...

What would a road trip be without lunch and some sightseeing? The museum is located in the historic Browne's Addition neighborhood not far from Italia Trattoria. I've driven by it several times, not realizing that the unassuming exterior housed such wonderful food. Small, but delightful, with a menu emphasizing "sustainable, local and nourishing regionally inspired Italian cuisine." It even had some local art on the walls.

These are the fun gals I work with on the Visual Arts Committee of POAC. Well, except for Marjorie on the left in the top photo - a friend of one of them who was equally fun. Pat and Connie complete the trio. Pat usually works the sign-in table on hanging day for every exhibit. Connie is our fearless leader. Then there's me with Karen who paints stunning watercolors of our area. Finally, me with Joanie who is a fiber artist like me, but working in a waaaay different style.

After lunch, it was nice enough for a stroll through the neighborhood.

Like I don't have enough maple leaves of my own, I couldn't resist picking these up. They are a different shape than the ones falling from my own trees at the moment, and much redder.

I have so many reference photos of colorful maples, I wasn't compelled to take many more. But I am always ready to snap more shots of tree trunks in contortion. These were in Coeur d'Alene Park.

And the last bit of inspiration was from this pine tree that had these wispy branches swaying in the breeze. I don't know what kind of pine tree this is but those branches sure reminded me of my willow tree inspiration.

And that's it - my day out with the girls. Now back to working on my own art.

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Connie Rose said...

Great photos, Sheila. Love those leaves, would like to eco dye with them! So your group includes another Connie! Believe it or not, I know more Connie's now, in Humboldt County, than I ever knew before in all the years of my life combined! And there's always been another Connie in whatever group I was in.
Anyhow, enjoy fall in northern Idaho!