Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Plan: Step 1

This is a piece of cotton that I folded and dabbed with paint back in 2006 (see this post). I can see faces in the resulting design and have been planning to hand quilt it such that I pull those faces out more clearly. That's not all I think I'll be doing to it but that has to be done first. I meant to get it basted up last year - I even found it on a list of possible quilts to finish for ArtWalk a couple of years back. This is its year to come down off the design wall and as good a place as any to start with "my plan" for preparing new work for upcoming exhibits. I'll alternate handwork on it with machine work on other quilts. There's an intimidation factor here, which is why it has taken me so long to start on it. So I'm screwing up my courage and not at all happy to discover I'm not sure which of the Oliver Twist threads I thought would be so perfect for the quilting. I foresee some trial and error in my future.

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