Friday, October 28, 2011

The Plan: Step 4

I put four things on my October timeline which is part of The Plan to get enough art made in the next 6 months for all the exhibits I plan to participate in. This list was a shot in the dark, something to get me moving, not really set up to definitely say I would finish one thing or another. And it is a good thing, because I haven't been able to settle really - feeling the need to move from one thing to another and back again, just to get the juices flowing. Flow they have, although I haven't put in as much time as consistently as I had hoped. And here it is, nearly the end of October already, as my keeper reminded me this week. So before it totally slips away, I am addressing the one untouched item: "work on poppies & peonies."

You may remember this experiment, using the poppies and peonies palette that resulted in the very derivative and unsatisfying piece at the top. I've been contemplating ever since what I can do to "save" it, thinking some cutting and pasting might be in order. I've had these draft copies printed out on paper for a long time but they have just now made it into the studio.

I'm considering printing some actual photos of poppies and peonies on fabric which could be used as borders or spacers but how I would do that - arrange the images, etc - is pretty fuzzy, especially as an insert if I were to make diagonal cuts. I think the vertical cuts have more promise - I think just inserting strips of some other fabric between the sections would be an improvement.

However, my original thought on the vertical cuts was just to sew the two outer segments together and rearrange the pieces. Of course, there are multiple ways you can combine the cut segments, including flipping some of them. I really think this has potential.

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