Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In search of bright threads...

“Limitations are really good for you. They are a stimulant. If you were told to make a drawing of a tulip using five lines, or one using a hundred, you’d be more inventive with the five.”
Dang - it never crossed my mind, but THIS is what I should have been working on Saturday - laying down this green thread on St. Patrick's Day! I have to tell you, I'm struggling to find really bright green thread. My local sources are limited and I discovered my choices in cotton threads are similar to the choices in my fabric stash - mostly muted colors. The story would be different if I wanted to use rayon thread, but it simply is not suitable for this project. I did find a nice bright 50 wt Mettler, but not variegated and not as heavy as I'd hoped. I found the sulky 30 wt variegated that you see on the right at my Viking dealer, but once home it wasn't as yellow green and bright as I think I need. The rest of the threads are ones I had on hand - all fairly muted save one embroidery wt one. I need heavier thread and three values of spring greens, so I have been reduced to blending two threads through the needle. If I pair a variegated with a solid, a dark with a light, I may get the effect I want. Beats driving the 50 miles to the next nearest source of shops that may or may not have threads more what I think I'm looking for. I'm probably coming up with better options - well, at least more inventive ones. Isn't that what we quilters are supposed to excel at? And I'm back to relaxing, mindless stitching along pre-drawn lines and pulling thread tails to the back and tying them off - peaceful work.

By the way, that new rye bread recipe turned out fantastic - look at how well it raised, and the taste is out of this world! My usual recipe is actually a pumpernickel bread (not sure what differentiates the two) and the loaves usually turn out fairly flat and dense. Not as well suited to sandwich making as this new recipe - it's a keeper!

And another by the way - be sure to follow the link in the quotation at the top. You'll find more excerpts from the book as well as pictures of Hockney's art - worth the time to read.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sheila, can I send you some thread from Spokane?

What would you like to have?

susan sawatzky

Donna Deaver said...

I love to shop locally, but am rather hooked on Superior Thread. I have most of their thread cards and get most anything I need delivered within 2-3 days. My thread stash is growing! Quality is excellent, as is their customer service.

Margaret Cooter said...

Have you tried using two threads through the same needle? It gives a variegated effect, and the combinations of colours can be brighter or more muted.