Sunday, March 04, 2012

March Goals

Oh yeah, it's March already, isn't it? Just a month until my first exhibit deadlines and I have much to do still. However, I got some news about ArtWalk that may just give me a bit of a reprieve. I may only need one piece, and if that's true, I don't have to hold back a couple of pieces for ArtWalk as I had planned but instead can use them for these April exhibits. So now things seem a bit more manageable, although I still sense a bit of panic lurking on the fringes.

I've spent a few days reassessing things, and my path for March is pretty straight-forward: I need to finish three pieces and I know exactly which ones. I don't foresee any problem getting them done (although having said that will probably jinx me). First up will be to finish the shadow grass piece. Time to clear off the big printer which is too conveniently located next to my computer desk and thus ends up being a catch-all for all sorts of things I don't want to deal with or have too far away. I will be using it to print the photos of the shadows onto fabric which will then be arranged on my strip-pieced background. The stitching shouldn't take long, but I have yet to purchase the canvas that I'll be wrapping it over. Or maybe I'll just finish it out normally?

The Palouse piece was one I'd planned to hold for ArtWalk, but now I think I will use it in one of the April Exhibits. Quilt 2 will be its companion piece - a spring version. A few decisions yet to be made about base fabric and thread vs paint, but I anticipate it will go quickly as well.

And for the 3rd piece, I am determined to finally stitch out my purple seedhead idea. I've cut the background and fused Decor Bond to the back in preparation for the thread painting. I also finally got around to pulling some photos up on the computer to sketch from. I soon discovered why I was having so much trouble just sketching without a reference. There are things you see while sketching that you just don't notice otherwise. I had a totally different concept of how the seeds themselves were formed - I soon realized the actually stitching would take a much different form than I'd thought. Now I feel I can dive in with a bit more confidence.

Wish me luck - making these quilts isn't the only thing on my agenda this month. I'm really going to have to focus on that balance and harmony thing.

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